Modern packaging but with a traditional heart. Lettering-based labels. Labels like typed, wines that make the heart beat.



White wine, based on Catarratto, from Western Sicily. The practical and natural approach, without any clarification and stabilization process as well as filtration, gives this wine a cloudy appearance.

With a golden color, intense, fresh and full-bodied, with strong citrus scents, it is a balanced and harmonious wine to the taste. To be served with any fish-based dish, with white meats, soft cheeses at a serving temperature of 12-14 °C



Red wine, Nero d’Avola based, ready to drink. The nose has hints of black plum, coffee and chocolate. The palate is soft with flavors of flowers and red fruits and a pleasant spiciness on the finish.

Ideal as an aperitif wine if served slightly chilled, excellent with red meat dishes, game, cheeses with a more decisive flavor. Recommended serving temperature 16-18 °C

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